The 38th Assembly of the HAS / Historical Association of Slovenia – Conference (28-30/09/2016)

Ravne na Koroškem

Thematic sets: For questions of history of education that shall be addressed by the authors by means of new sources and/or fresh analyses thereof, we propose various thematic sets, the first one being an ideational- theoretical set (view of education in terms of social studies and humanities), the second set could concentrate on school as an institution, the third set on contents and changing school knowledge, and other forms of extracurricular and, in particular, non-formal education, the fourth set analyses the role of the teacher or educators, and the fifth set represents students or anybody who is subject to education. The sixth thematic set will be dedicated to former–and to a greater degree–to current views on teaching history in school.

Pedagogical thought in the course of time: pedagogical classics and Slovene educational theoreticians

School as an institution: school premises, educational and cultural activities of schools

Various paths from schooling to education: non-formal education, technical education, vocational training, industrial development and education, etc.

The image of male and female teachers/the headmaster in the course of history

A primary and secondary school pupil, student: from kindergarten to the third age university 6. Views on teaching history in schools (prepared by the School Section of the HAS)

a) For better textbooks in primary and secondary schools

b) Select topics – teaching “problematic” history

c) History and social sciences

d) Does teaching history keep up with the rapid development of the society in a fitting manner? Are its contents suitable for the present time? How does the position of history change in terms of matura and the national assessment of knowledge?

We particularly aim to include in the assembly programme original research, new findings and fresh analytical and comparative studies along with critical surveys conducted by historians, teachers and other researchers of historical development of education, and pedagogical questions of each respective period. We expect, in particular, a problematic examination of educational development and pedagogical questions in individual regions or in Slovene lands, a presentation of mutual influences and links within Slovene towns and views on transfer of knowledge to and from abroad. Contributions on comparative development of education in the international sphere are welcome, along with contributions on new methodological approaches, in particular, research dealing with education in neighbouring regions, but also education of Slovenes abroad, and Slovene educational activities outside Slovene lands. The assembly is open for participants from abroad, since the conference will be held in Slovene and English.

The 38th Assembly of the HAS / Historical Association of Slovenia – Conference (28-30/09/2016)