History of Educacion. Journal of the History of Education Society – v. 45, n. 1 (2016)

Table of Contents


University of Utrecht 1636–1676: res ecclesia, res publica andres pecunia. Henk van Rinsum & Willem Koops

‘Cheap, efficient, and easy to implement’? Economic aspects of monitorial education in Swedish elementary schools during the 1820s. Esbjörn Larsson

Peace through history? The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace’s inquiry into European schoolbooks, 1921–1924. Tomás Irish

Hierarchy as a theme in the US college, 1880–1920. Ethan W. Ris

Education for girls in Ireland: secondary and vocational curricular provision 1930–1960. Marie Clarke

Nursery schools or nursery classes? Choosing and failing to choose between policy alternatives in nursery education in England, 1918–1972. Amy Palmer

Data construction and interpretation in educational research. Paul Smeyers

Book reviews

Paired Review: The Look of the Past: Visual and Material Evidence in Historical Practice AND Using Photographs in Social and Historical Research. Stephanie Spencer

History of pedagogy and educational sciences in the Baltic countries from 1940 to 1990: an overview, Baltic Association of Historians of Pedagogy. Rebecca Rogers

Gender and education in China: gender discourses and women’s schooling in the early twentieth century. Patricia P.K. Chiu

History textbooks and the wars in Asia: divided memories. Konstantina Papakosta

Modernizing minds in El Salvador: education reform and the Cold War, 1960–1980. Solsiree del Moral

History of Educacion. Journal of the History of Education Society – v. 45, n. 1 (2016)