Journal of Educational Administration and History – v. 48, n. 1 (2016)

Table of Contents


Principals of audit: testing, data and ‘implicated advocacy’. Greg Thompson & Nicole Mockler

Meanings of success and successful leadership in Ontario, Canada, in neo-liberal times. Sue Winton & Katina Pollock

Governance and knowledge transformations in educational administration: Greek responses to global policies. Polychronis Sifakakis, Anna Tsatsaroni, Antigone Sarakinioti & Menie Kourou

School leadership for the future: heroic or distributed? Translating international discourses in Norwegian policy documents. Hedvig Abrahamsen & Marit Aas

The policy discourse of networking and its effect on school autonomy: a Foucauldian interpretation. Denise Mifsud

Review Essay

What use is Foucault in education today? Richard Niesche

Book reviews

Social theory and education research: understanding Foucault, Habermas, Bourdieu and Derrida. Daniella J. Forster

Educational leadership: building bridges among ideas, schools and nations. John C. Fischetti

Living on the edge. Rethinking poverty, social class and schooling. Jane Pearce

Secondary education and the raising of the school-leaving age: coming of age? Bernard Barker

Henry Morris, the Cambridgeshire village colleges and community education. Tom Woodin

Journal of Educational Administration and History – v. 48, n. 1 (2016)