Espacio, Tiempo y Educación – v. 3, n. 2 (2016) Special Issue: John Dewey’s Reception and Influence in Europe and America

Table of Contents


History of Education Research in Australia. Craig Campbell

Democracy and Education: Why? Luciana Bellatalla


John Dewey in Mexico: A Shared Experience in the Rural World. Xóchil Taylor, Adelina Arredondo, Antonio Padilla

The Reception of John Dewey’s Democratic Concept of School in Different Countries of the World. Yelena Rogacheva

John Dewey in Italy. The Operation of The New Italian Publishing: Including Translation, Interpretation and Dissemination. Franco Cambi

John Dewey’s Impact on Education Reforms in Turkey and the Soviet Union. Vučina Zorić

The Genesis and Development of Dewey’s Pedagogy in Chile. Jaime Caiceo Escudero

A «Typical American Philosopher» in the Spanish Academic Pedagogy of the Franco Dictatorship (1939–1976). Dewey and Active Schooling Methods: Rejection, Pragmatic uses and «Orthodoxification». Carlos Martínez Valle

The Reception of John Dewey in Hungary. Imre Fenyő

The Educational Theory of John Dewey and its Influence on Educational Policy and Practice in Macedonia. Suzana Miovska-Spaseva

Dewey and Italian School Policy: Proposals for Reform by Scuola e Città (1950–1960). Andrea Mariuzzo

Learning and Problemsolving: Dewey‘s Psychology in a Context of History of Education. Jürgen Oelkers

John Dewey’s Feminist Legacy. Marta Vaamonde Gamo, Jaime Nubiola

The Contribution of John Dewey to Art Teaching in Brazil. Erika Natacha Fernandes de Andrade, Marcus Vinicius da Cunha


Primary education inspectors and the consolidation of the school system in the province of Teruel (1849-1900). María Lourdes Alcalá Ibáñez

City and School: the Visible Construction of the Fernando Gomes Elementary School in Porto Alegre/RS – Brazil (1913-1935). Tatiane De Freitas Ermel

Educational-Welfare Policies «in the Name of the Nation»: A Comparative Study in the Greek-Orthodox Communities of Macedonia and Black Sea Region (1860-1923). Sofia Iliadou-Tachou

Organizational issues in the first graded schools of Lisbon (second half of the 19th century). Carlos Manique da Silva


Interview with Iveta Kestere. Luciana Bellatalla

Espacio, Tiempo y Educación – v. 3, n. 2 (2016) Special Issue: John Dewey’s Reception and Influence in Europe and America