History of Educacion. Journal of the History of Education Society – v.45, n. 6 (2016)

Table of Contents


The child writer: graphic literacy and the Scottish educational system, 1700–1820. Matthew Daniel Eddy

‘To educate children from birth’: a genealogical analysis of some practices of subjectivation in Spanish and French scientific childcare (1898–1939). Belén Jiménez-Alonso & José Carlos Loredo-Narciandi

Moberly Junior College, the four-year junior college. Kristin Bailey Wilson & Cristi D. Ford

Differences between Czech and Slovak economic higher education from 1945 to 1953. Petr Chalupecký & Zdenka Johnson

Support and surveillance: 1956 Hungarian refugee students in transit to the Joyce Kilmer Reception Centre and to higher education scholarships in the USA. Vera Sheridan

From practice to theory, Ovide Decroly for Brazilian classrooms: a tale of appropriation. Alessandra Arce Hai, Frank Simon & Marc Depaepe

Monitoring child health: school doctors at work in a Dutch rural area (1930–1970). Nelleke Bakker

Information and experience: audio-visual observations of reading activities in Swedish comprehensive school classrooms 1967–1969. Mats Dolatkhah & Anna Hampson Lundh

Book Review

Redbrick: a social and architectural history of Britain’s civic universities. Mike Finn

Alumni voices: the changing experience of higher education. Harold Silver

The ‘making of men’: the idea and reality of Newman’s university in Oxford and Dublin. Robert A. Schwartz

Tending the student body: youth, health and the modern university. Cynthia Comacchio

A social history of student volunteering: Britain and beyond, 1880–1980. John Field

A history of higher education exchange: China and America. Hilary Perraton

History of Educacion. Journal of the History of Education Society – v.45, n. 6 (2016)