History of Educacion. Journal of the History of Education Society – v. 46, n. 1 (2017)

Table of Contents


Approval and disapproval of textbooks in the late Ottoman Empire. Betül Açıkgöz

Professors and examinations: ideas of the university in nineteenth-century Scotland. Robert Anderson

Irish medical student culture and the performance of masculinity, c.1880–1930. Laura Kelly

American schools and the uses of shame: an ambiguous history. Peter N. Stearns & Clio Stearns

Dons not clowns: Isaiah Berlin challenges Richard Cawston’s edit of the educator. Lottie Hoare

Sources and Interpretations

Education and the working-class girl of the 1970s: reconstructing the theoretical field of Carolyn Steedman’s The Tidy House. Joseph Maslen

Body_machine? Encounters of the human and the mechanical in education, industry and science. Frederik Herman, Karin Priem & Geert Thyssen

Book Reviews

The new meritocracy: a history of UK independent schools 1979-2015 by Mark Peel. Malcolm Tozer

Children and youth during the Gilded Age and Progressive Era edited by James Martin with a foreword by Paula S. Fass. Laura Tisdall

Informal education, childhood and youth: geographies, histories, practices by Sarah Mills and Peter Kraftl. Edward Whiffin

Spanish education in Morocco, 1912–1956: cultural interactions in a colonial context by Irene Gonzalez Gonzalez. Sean Carleton

Education as politics: colonial schooling and political debate in Senegal, 1850–1914 by Kelly Duke Bryant. Terri Ochiagha

Achebe and friends at Umuahia: the making of a literary elite by Terri Ochiagha. Kelly M. Duke Bryant

Secondary school education in Ireland: histories, memories and life stories, 1922–1967 by Tom O’Donoghue and Judith Harford. John Howlett

History of Educacion. Journal of the History of Education Society – v. 46, n. 1 (2017)