History of Educacion. Journal of the History of Education Society – v.45, n.5 (2016)

Table of Contents


Classes in themselves and for themselves: the practice of monitorial education for different social classes in Sweden, 1820−1843. Esbjörn Larsson

Adult and child identities in Irish primary schools, c.1830–1909. Paddy Dolan

The transformation of school knowledge in the late Ottoman Empire: conflicting histories. Betül Açıkgöz

Doing it for them: corporatism and apprentice activism in Switzerland, 1880–1950. Philipp Eigenmann & Michael Geiss

Agricultural education as a medium for the transmission of Western science during British rule in Malaya, 1905–1957. Ezwan Arman, Mohd Zufri Mamat & Maisarah Hasbullah

Models of academic governance during a period of nation-building: the Hebrew University in the 1920s–1960s. Uri Cohen & Adi Sapir

Catholic education in Zambia: mission integrity and politics. Brendan Carmody

Fortschritt und Verantwortung! Education as a rallying cry in Luxembourg’s general elections of 1974. Matias Gardin

Sources and interpretations

Emotional indoctrination through sentimental narrative in Spanish primary education textbooks during the Franco dictatorship (1939–1959). Kira Mahamud

Review Essay

Local and personal educations and their histories. Peter Cunningham

Book Reviews

Henri Lefebvre and education: space, history, theory by Sue Middleton. Gary McCulloch

New perspectives in the history of Indian education, by Parimala V. Rao. Tim Allender

The old boys: the decline and rise of the public school, by David Turner. Malcolm Tozer

Secondary education and the raising of the school-leaving age: coming of age?, by Tom Woodin, Gary McCulloch and Steven Cowan. Richard Pring

Victorian radicals and Italian democrats, by Marcella Pellegrino Sutcliffe. Nigel Todd

History of Educacion. Journal of the History of Education Society – v.45, n.5 (2016)